Here are Ava and Rudy's beautiful puppies at six weeks old.  We're playing with the puppies and looking at their personalities closely. Our puppy reservation list is open! Please contact us for more information.

Click on the photos below for larger ones. Here's our page on how to adopt a puppy.

Blue Boy - His paws are big and he's going to be a big boy who loves to play!

Blue Boy

Red Boy -
He's very laid back and is clearly a great candidate for a therapy dog based on temperament.

Red Boy

Yellow Girl
- She's a sweetheart who loves to sneak up on her friends and invite them to play.

Yellow Girl

Pink Girl
- Our biggest girl and most active!  Definitely a Type A personality.  She's the first to notice when someone enters and doesn't miss a beat.

pink girl

Lilac Girl
- She's our mellow girl who likes to sit back and observe before joining into the fray.

lilac girl

Light Green Girl
- She's a fluffy, wavy girl who is always looking for Amy!

light green girl

Dark Green Girl
- Super friendly and enjoys being one of the gang.  Her coat is a lighter chocolate.

green girl 

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